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Maintain your pond

Water plants, also called floaters, reduce algae in your pond. They also help to cool the water and decrease the amount of light that hits the water. Majority of these plants are tropical and need to be removed before winter and the first frost.


Care for your water garden and add colorful water plants

Place floaters in your pond

The most common floater is water hyacinth, which is a rapidly growing plant with a strong root system. It removes all excess nutrients and pollutants from your pond and occasionally blooms to an orchid-like flower.

Add color to your pond

Add color and variety to your water garden with some water lilies and Texas Dawn water lilies. Their blossoms are bright yellow and rest atop a mottled foliage. The lily adapts to various climates and it will bloom right up to the first frost.

Water lily Pond Water lily Water gardens blossom

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